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Chewy French Bread

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Chewy French Bread is an easy five ingredient bread. My mom perfected it, and its great for dipping in soup, as a sandwich, or just eating with a pat of butter! 

We love eating bread with soup! Try my Italian Minestrone Soup with Pesto, a One Pot Lasagna Soup, or the best Creamy Potato Soup!

A large loaf of French bread beside a loaf of sliced bread.

French Bread for Soup

Featured review from Erika ~“I made this – and man. I’m never buying grocery store bread again! It’s sooooo delicious, so chewy! And so easy to follow!”

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This post is in honor of my beautiful mother who passed away in April of 2019. I miss her so much. You can find more of her recipes under Norma Jean’s Kitchen.


When I first started my blog, I texted my family asking for hand-written recipes from Mom. I know I had one for this french bread recipe at one time, but can only find one in my handwriting. Such a bummer. Mom’s handwriting is so unique and I love seeing it today. My boys could never read her cursive handwriting and would ask that I translate all their birthday cards she sent them over the years.

It’s funny how I never thought much about that handwriting at the time, but now, I look at it and just treasure those memories I have of Mom in the kitchen. Before we moved Mom and Dad out of their home in 2013 – our childhood home – I would visit and sit for hours at the bar in the kitchen with her. She would cook and bake, and we’d chat and look at recipes. Mom had every local church cookbook, and I loved looking at them and hearing about what she’d tried and what she liked. Then I’d copy them and take them home with me to try.

The kitchen was Mom’s “happy place” and when I’m in my kitchen, it’s mine too. And it’s even happier when I spend time cooking Mom’s recipes and thinking about all those moments we had together in her kitchen.

Side shot of a loaf of sliced bread.

Five Ingredients Needed

There is a good chance that you have all of these baking staples, except maybe the yeast. If you are at all afraid of using yeast, DON’T BE! You can do it. Just follow my steps and don’t be afraid to experiment a little.

  • Yeast – I use Red Star Active Dry Yeast.**
  • Sugar – Just a little bit of sugar is needed to help activate the yeast.
  • Water – It’s very important to use warm water. I test it with my finger, and make sure it’s not too hot, and not cold either.
  • Salt – I like kosher salt, but you can use regular salt as well.
  • Flour – For best results, use all-purpose flour.

**This is a very large amount of yeast. I keep a bunch in the freezer, and it lasts a long time. We have perfect bread-making weather here in Texas, and my bread always rises pretty quickly. You may need a Quick Rise Yeast, depending on where you live.

Ingredients for French bread in bowls.

How to make Chewy French Bread

Note: You can definitely make this recipe by hand instead of using a mixer. It will take a little bit more time and some arm strength, but it can be done.

Step 1
Activate the yeast. Using a large standing mixer, combine the yeast, sugar, and warm water. Take a spatula, and stir it around a couple of times. Then let it sit for about 15 minutes so that the yeast activates. You should see a bubbly mixture when it’s ready. See below.

The foamy yeast mixture.

Step 2
Add flour to desired consistency. Start by adding the salt and about four cups of flour to the mixer. Let the mixer run, and occasionally scrape down the sides of the bowl with a spatula. Gradually add more flour until you get a nice dough consistency. It should be slightly sticky, but easy to handle.

Step 3
Let the dough rise. Grease a large bowl with canola or olive oil. Remove the dough from the mixer, and form it into a ball. Then place it in the bowl, and cover it with a clean dishtowel. Place the bowl in a quiet corner of your kitchen and let rise until approximately doubled in size. The rise may be different each time, and will vary depending on where you live.

The dough before rising.
Side view of the bread dough.

Step 4
Form loaves of bread (or buns). Once the bread rises twice, it’s time to form the dough into desired shapes. Prepare bread pans or jelly roll pans with baking spray. (See below for my favorite pans.) Add a little oil to a pastry mat or a large flat surface (a cutting board works too), and form sections of dough into oblong shapes for large French bread, or into smaller shapes for buns or smaller loaves. Another option is baking a round piece of dough in a cast iron skillet.

Step 5
Let rise again. Cover dough with clean dish towels, and let it rise again, until almost doubled in size.

Step 6
Prepare for baking. Use a sharp serrated edge knife to cut diagonal slits in the tops of the bread. Beat one large egg, and using a pastry brush, spread a thin layer over the tops of bread/rolls. Add a sprinkle of kosher salt.

When scoring the bread, make sure you use a very sharp knife or a bread lame (with a razor blade) to ensure that the cuts are quick and to avoid deflating the loaves.

Step 7
Bake. Bake bread in a preheated 400 degree oven, until done, approximately 25 minutes. The bottoms should be slightly browned, and the tops a nice golden brown. Remove bread to a cooling rack.

Storing and Freezing

Storing Tip: This bread is best fresh the first day! It can be stored in airtight bags on counter for 2-3 days.

Freezing Tip: You can freeze this bread in freezer bags for up to three months.

Two loaves of chewy French bread on a cooling rack.

** If you weigh the ingredients in grams, you will be able to get a more consistent dough. When I weighed the ingredients, I used about 735 grams of flour (or just a little bit more than 6 cups). Precise measurements are a HUGE factor, but it’s not a requirement.

Expert Tips

  1. When you add the warm water to the yeast, sugar, and salt – be careful to use WARM water, not hot. If the water is too hot, the yeast will disappear and you can’t make bread without yeast. Also, do not use cool water because it won’t activate the yeast.
  2. Don’t add all the flour at once because every baking day is different. Some days you will need a bit more flour and some days, you will need less.
  3. The dough shouldn’t be overly sticky when ready. It should bounce back slightly to the touch. Over time, you will learn exactly how much flour is needed to make the ultimate french bread.
  4. Be sure to use an egg wash before baking. This is what gives the bread a nice golden color.
  5. When done, the bottom of the bread should be slightly brown and crunchy, and the top, a nice golden brown.

Practice makes perfect. The more you make this recipe, the easier it will become, and you will learn to “feel” what consistency works best for you.

Closeup on two loafs of French bread.

Recipes that use this bread:

Overhead shot of a loaf of sliced French bread.

Kitchen Tools Used: (affiliate links)

xoxo ~Sue

Overhead shot of a loaf of sliced French bread.

Chewy French Bread

A chewy and versatile bread, great for dipping in soup, as a sandwich, or just eating with a pat of butter!
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Course: Appetizer, Bread, Side Dish
Cuisine: American
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 25 minutes
Resting Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 55 minutes
Servings: 20 slices
Calories: 116kcal
Author: Sue Ringsdorf


  • 1 Tablespoon yeast (9 grams) – I use Red Star
  • 1 Tablespoon white sugar (12 grams)
  • 2 teaspoons kosher salt (12 grams)
  • 2 1/2 cups warm water (about 590 grams) – not hot, not cold!
  • 5-6 cups all-purpose flour (600 -720 grams) – or until right consistency


  • ** I recently adjusted this recipe and eliminated one of the rises. I don't think it's necessary for this recipe and it saves time.
  • In large standing mixer, combine the yeast, sugar, and warm water. Be careful to use warm water (100-110 degrees F), not hot.
  • Mix and let sit for about 15 minutes to get the yeast working.
  • Add the salt and then gradually add the 5-6 cups flour until you get just the right consistency. You want the dough to be soft but not too sticky.
  • Grease a large bowl with canola oil and add the dough. Punch the dough down into a nice smooth ball. Cover with a clean dishtowel and set it in a warm corner of your kitchen until doubled in size, approximately 45 minutes to an hour.
  • Form into two large oblong shapes (or you can make several smaller loaves or even buns). Place on a large greased cookie sheet or on a French bread pan. Cover with a towel and let rise again, about 30-40 minutes.
  • Cut slits on top of loaves with scissors or serrated knife. Mix one egg white and 1/2 teaspoon salt and gently brush this mixture on top of the loaves.
  • Bake on 400 degrees for 25 minutes or until bottom is slightly brown and crunchy, and top is nice and golden brown. Remove and let cool on baking rack.



Regarding measuring: If you have a scale, I recommend measuring the ingredients in grams, especially the water and flour. This will make it easier for you to get the correct consistency for this bread recipe.
  1. Using warm water will activate the yeast mixture. After about 10-15 minutes, it should be foamy.
  2. Add flour until you get the right consistency. It should be slightly sticky, but easy to handle.
  3. The dough will rise differently each time you make it, depending on the temperature/humidity inside and outside your house.
  4. Different climates also affect how fast dough rises. In Texas, my dough rises pretty quickly due to more heat and humidity.
  5. This bread makes a terrific Beef Au Jus Sandwich or Pulled Pork Sandwich. My recipes can be found at suebeehomemaker.com. Just search in the sidebar.
Storing Tip: This bread is best fresh the first day! It can be stored in airtight bags on counter for 2-3 days.
Freezing Tip: You can freeze this bread in freezer bags for up to three months.


Calories: 116kcal | Carbohydrates: 24g | Protein: 3g | Sodium: 233mg | Potassium: 35mg | Calcium: 5mg | Iron: 1.5mg
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  1. Hi Sue!!
    I just baked this bread and it turned out BEAUTIFULLY!!! Definitely will be keeping your recipe and thank you for sharing!!! Wish I could send you a picture of the loaves 😍

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Betty! Thanks for letting me know! You can email me a picture if you’d like. sue@suebeehomemaker.com

  2. I also stuffed this bread with roasted garlic, caramelized onions and jalapenos! I definitely recommend that flavor combo with this bread❤️🥰

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      This sounds delicious, Paige!

  3. I absolutely love this recipe! It’s definitely a go to❤️ I was wondering do you have any ideas for flavors? Like say a chocolate raspberry loaf. Or maybe pumpkin? I have trouble with ratios so I don’t want the dough to come out off.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Paige! I’ve honestly never stuffed this bread but this sounds interesting!

  4. Honestly, Idk why I’ve never commented on this; I love this recipe; I am 17 and probably have baked around 50 loaves from this recipe; my family has it with soup, sandwiches, stew, or anything else.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      I love hearing this, Caleb! Keep on baking! 🙂

    2. This is the best French bread recipe. Perfectly tender and chewy! I like to eat it with whipped butter or turn into paninis.

  5. Lovely bread!
    Used this to make my first loaf of bread, came out great 🙂 ! Would reccomend to any other bored teenagers with a scale and some ingredients

    Some tips for anyone:
    Make sure you GREASE that pan, i under greased it and it stuck to the bottom a little but i separated it into a couple loaves since i didn’t want them to be too long, absolutely gorgeous!

    Now my parents think im cool

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      I love bored teenagers! Thanks Wally!

    2. Wally your review cracked me up! I started baking bread around the age of 10 or 11 and never stopped. I hope you keep baking!

  6. Solid bread and even better since it is vegan! Great chewy crust and easy to make. I made two small loaves and put the rest of the dough in the fridge to do something else with (not sure what yet lol)

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Thanks Jen!

  7. Very good ! Crusty crust and soft center

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Thanks Candy!

  8. Becky Vasquez says:

    Super yummy! I made it alongside potato soup and 3, 7 and 48 they all loved it. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      So great to know, Becky!

  9. Great recipe. Quick and easy!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Thanks Uzi!

  10. Jacob Gearhart says:

    This recipe is AMAZING!!! My whole family loved it! I’m 15 and could make this! I even did it by hand! AMAZING! AMAZING!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      This is so amazing, Jacob! Kudos to you!

  11. Used my stand mixer and followed the directions. Ended up using 5 1/2 cups of bread flour. Turned out perfectly! The bread was light, airy and soft! I made this to pair with the soup we were having that night. I did one French loaf and then used the rest of the dough to make buns.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Yay!! I’m so glad it turned out for you, Leah!

    2. This is the second time I’ve made this recipe and I like be it!!! Thanx !

      1. Suebee Homemaker says:

        Thanks Billie!

  12. First time trying this recipe. I followed recipe exactly and I couldn’t be more pleased, absolutely delicious! The whole family agrees that this recipe is a keeper. Thank you!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      I love hearing this, Melissa!

  13. Super amazing recipe! And so easy too!
    I ended up needing a little more flower than stated (probably cause of humidity).

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Thanks Danie!

  14. Karen Bevans says:

    So easy and delicious!

  15. Eliseo peraza says:

    Sorry! I don’t find in the page the time to wait to the raise.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Let it rise until it doubles in size. Here in Texas, our bread rises very quickly. There are many factors to determine how long it takes.

  16. Hi, how do you cover the bread again once it’s on a baking sheet? Put the towel directly over the dough?

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Yes, place it on the dough or you could use cling wrap instead.

  17. Braedyn Thompson says:

    I’ve been making bread recently and this has been the best recipe so far.

  18. Does this resemble the triangle steak rolls in Walmart bakery? My husband and boys can eat the whole bag.. I want to copy that- homemade!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      I’m not familiar with those rolls, Jennifer. But this bread is simple and delicious! Please let me know if you give it a try.

  19. Excellent and easy to make!!!

    1. This recipe is extremely off for flour ratio water..I used 71/2 cups flour to the 2 1/2 cups water called for….
      Also added “garlic mix” salt and added 3 tbls butter when kneading with dough hook..ill see shortly the out come.Thanks..

      1. Suebee Homemaker says:

        Did you measure your ingredients in grams? I’ve had over 100 positive reviews on this recipe and few have complained about the ratio.

        1. I’ve made this bread 100’s of times and no matter the ratio it turns out beautiful so long as your dough looks and feels proper. I’ve even tweaked it to my own style and still no matter what it’s a great base for anything you want to add to it! Hint- garlic powder gives just a delicious taste to it!

          1. Suebee Homemaker says:

            Thanks for letting me know, Bianca! 🙂

  20. dith gerolaga says:

    bake in 400 Celcius or farenheight

    1. Do you have an oven that goes to 400 degrees Celsius?

      1. Suebee Homemaker says:

        No, I do not.

      2. I also have tried it twice and had to add 7 1/2 cups of flour to get the right consistency. Don’t know why. I even weighed the ingredients and still needed to add more flour. Thank you so much for searing the recipe. It saves a lot of time and comes out delicious.

      1. This bread is wonderfull, my household has 7grandkids n 4adults we decided to start making our own breads ,I was out of salt so I used garlic salt instead n it turned out wonderfull ,thank you for sharing this recipe.

  21. This bread tasted amazing! My only thing is that it was a tiny bit salty, so maybe use less salt than called for. Other than that, it was really easy to make and was absolutely delicious!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Molly!

  22. Not been baking bread for long but this is the best yet. Delicious! Love from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 👍🏻

      1. Suebee Homemaker says:

        I use active dry yeast.

  23. Wonderfully easy recipe and delicious too I have a photo of the chewy French bread but I can’t figure out how to post it regardless, it was delicious and thank you. I will use this recipe in the future.

  24. Nice crunch on outside, soft interior. I just pulled it out of the oven. Made 3-bagettes & 8 rolls. Used Artisan Bakers Craft flour from Azure Standard.

  25. Would this recipe work with instant yeast or does it need to be active yeast? It looks delicious, I’m excited to try it!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Yes, you can use active yeast in this recipe but use a little bit less. You won’t need to dissolve it in water.

  26. I feel the instructions could use a little revamping. Like not adding the salt with the yeast, sugar, and water but rather with the flour and cutting your loaves BEFORE letting them rise. You have them being cut after the final (3rd rise) and when you do that your dough tends to deflate… which is so frustrating when you’re then faced with yet again another rise of you want it to look appealing. That’s just my 2 cents, for what it’s worth.
    It’s great bread though!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      I have revised my instructions slightly. However, if you use a very sharp knife to score the bread after the final rise, it shouldn’t deflate at all. But either method is ok. Thanks Daisy!

    2. Pamela Alesi says:

      Made this recipe with bread flour first time. Put salt in with yeast and found out later in reviews not to it til after yeast sits. The first time I didn’t knead enough and found out later to knead which recipe didn’t say to. I thought it was strange. But now I’m making it again with all purpose flour and added salt later and kneaded. I have bread in oven but I just read now that your suppose to slit dough before last rise and I did it after it rose so it went a little flat. I’ll see how it tastes. Will probably try again and learn from my mistakes!

      1. Suebee Homemaker says:

        Let me know if I can help, Pamela!

  27. Love this recipe! I’m making it tomorrow to accompany ham and bean soup. I’m so sorry for your loss – your mom sounds amazing.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Thank you Tom!

  28. I love making this bread! I have made it 2xs and will be making it again today. My friends love it. I added the Everything Bagel seasoning to one of the loaves and it turned out soo good, everyone wants me to make it again this weekend.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      I’m so happy to hear this Lynne! 🙂

  29. Sounds great,let u know how turns out. Can’t wait love fresh hot butter bread.

  30. I have been making this for months and always perfect, but all of a sudden its too wet i am worried as i do not know what i am doing wrong any advise would be great.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      I’m guessing that you’re adding extra water to the dough. Just add more flour gradually until it gets to a nice consistency. A little sticky but not too much!

      1. Jessica Bedene says:

        Can you use bread flour in place of all purpose flour ? Making this recipe tomarrow .

        1. Suebee Homemaker says:

          Yes, you could do that. Please let me know how it turns out!

          1. I made this read this morning and couldn’t be easier . Never made bread before and it’s full proof . I used King Arthur bread flour and yeast from aldis . Crunchy outside soft inside and great taste . Will make again .

  31. Connie Gamboa says:

    I make this every week it’s uber yummy! Today I was out of white flour and used bread flour instead 🙃 still delicious. I promised your sister that I would post.i wish I could figure out how to attach the photo.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Connie! Shari has told me about you! Thanks so much for making this recipe and letting me know too!! 🙂

  32. Hello, I’m kinda new to bakery stuff and was just wondering do you knead this bread? and do you have to have a stand mixer?

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      I use a standing mixer. However, you can use your hands to make it and will definitely need to knead the dough. The mixer kneads the dough for you, if you have one, but either method works!

  33. Not tried yet but thanks for the weight in grams! For water temp, rather than “not too warm not too cold”, just have it at 100o-110o F. Dough temp when done mixing and before pproofin should be about 75oF . All tested with an instant read thermo. 🙂

  34. Just made this to go with homemade chicken noodle soup. Soo good! Love the taste and texture.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      That’s awesome! Thanks for your feedback, Ali!

      1. Theresa Kramer says:

        Love this recipe. I’ve made twice (both successfully) but I do have a few questions.
        1. You call for egg wash, and watching the video the egg wash is only egg white (with water I presume), but I’m accustomed to seeing egg wash with white and yolk. I’m curious what is the difference?
        2. In the written recipe, you call for yeast, sugar, salt and water to all move mixed in the blender to allow to bloom. In the video, you show the salt going in later, after the yeast blooms. I’ve done this both ways and thought I noticed more rise in the bread dough when the salt is added later (only a small difference in the rise). I’m curious which way you prefer.
        Thanks again for the great recipe!

        1. Suebee Homemaker says:

          Hi Theresa. These are excellent questions. I’ve changed a few things since I made the video and will need to update it. 1) I recommend using the whole egg plus a splash of water in the egg wash and 2) I also add the salt after the yeast blooms. Thanks for your questions and I hope this helps!

  35. David Reding says:

    I learned to make this bread from Sue’s Mom long before Sue was into baking! After all, I’m her older and wiser brother 😉 Now it’s easier to pull up Sue’s blog on my iPad than it is to dig out the hand-written recipe card from my Mom.
    People often comment on how focused our family is on food preparation (at meal time we’re talking about/planning the next meal). I tell them that cooking and eating at the Reding house was a celebration. Thanks, Sue, for keeping the party going!
    BTW, this bread is the best!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      You definitely ARE my older brother, but maybe not wiser. Haha! We love our food, that’s for sure! 🙂

  36. LOVE this recipe!!! Instead of 2 1/2 cups of water I use 2 cups water 1/2 cup of buttermilk to give it that little twang French bread has! Ive also used a tsp of lemon juice too instead of buttermilk.
    I’ve experimented with half whole wheat and half regular flour – but I added a tablespoon of vital wheat gluten ( vital wheat is best when used with lower gluten flours ie: rye, whole wheat ect) If you use these type of flours do not expect the same results) I also I do 3- 30 minute rise’s – FYI if your bread is turning out flat you may be letting it rise too long and blowing out your yeast!!
    I use my kitchenaid and knead the dough on medium for approx 5-6 minutes or until I hear the dough slapping on the sides! Good luck!! I will make this for YEARS!! TY

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Missy! Thanks for sharing these variations! 🙂

  37. richard tate says:

    Very good bread. Has the exact texture and taste I was looking for. Hard crust and tender, but chewy inside. I had to add a little more flour that what you called for. I also used bread flour. Maybe it turned out so good because I am in central Texas. 🙂

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      I’m so glad, Richard! We do make great bread here in Texas! 🙂

  38. Amadito Gerolaga says:

    how many minutes in the second rise/

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      I don’t know how many minutes because it depends on many factors. When the dough is almost doubled in size, you are good to go.

  39. Can this recipe be used in a bread machine?

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Michelle. I have never used a bread machine so I have no idea if that would work.

  40. judith judge says:

    i have two french bread pans and the last tiem i amde bread on it the loafs stuck should i spray or grease

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Yes, spray the pan before baking!

  41. Scott Zukowski says:

    Great job! (Though I personally love to use King Arthur Bread Flour (12.7 % gluten forming protein content), or, their Artisan bread flour (airy/chewy/open crumb), and, even at times, will add a pinch of non-diastatic malt powder for that extra “something”.

    My question to you (or your follower’s) is: Has anyone tried to make a par-baked version of this bread? To be frozen and used in the future to complete the baking process? (Hot pan of water in the lower oven and, periodically misting the loads with a water bottle, for crunchy crust.)

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      I’ve never tried this, but interested as well. Please follow up if you have success with that method!

  42. Hi! LOVE this recipe but I’d like to save some of the dough for when it’s ready to be baked, at what point should I freeze this? After the first rise or after they are formed into rolls?

    These were so good straight out of the oven! Crispy outside but soft on the inside and amazing.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      I think I would freeze after the second rise. No need to form into rolls because you’ll probably have to reform them. Good luck!

  43. Mike Palmer says:

    HELP!! I have tried making this recipe three times. I get the dough to rise to double size in the first rise. Then I form the dough into a rectangle on a floured cutting board and roll it out to about 1/2 – 3/8 inch thick, then roll it length wise into a roll and place it on a bread pan and let rise again, Even though it rises the second time,, it tends to flatten out!! How do i prevent this? I let the flattened loaf rise, then bake. I do not knead the dough between the first and second rise; Should I knead? AM I using enough yeast, enough flour? I’m using 1 packet of yeast per 2 1/2 cups flour. Is tht enough? I having a hard time adjusting the temperature of the rising dough to 90 F! I am preheating the oven to about 250 and letting the first and second risings set on top of the warm stove, I keep my home at 71 F. Could I just let the dough rise longer at that temperature:? Please help! I also would like to know how to get the chewy crust, but a soft smooth center. Any suggestions on adjusting the recipe or preparation to achieve that! Thanks,

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Mike. I have a French bread pan linked on the recipe post that works great for getting nice round loafs of bread. Highly recommend. Between rises, I punch down the dough. – So make the dough, let rise, punch down to form a round dough, let rise, punch down again, form into loafs, let rise again in pan, and then bake. Don’t forget to brush the tops of the bread with an egg wash to get that nice golden, chewy crust.

    2. So I too have made this recipe and it has totally flattened out by the time I get it shaped and on the pan, I baked it anyways and it was quite tasty but I think the yeast is over exhausting itself with the two rises and then letting it rise again after being shaped? So I’m about to try it a second time but I’m cutting out that second rise! So it’ll rise the first time and then it will rise again after shaping right before it goes in the oven.

  44. Easy to follow recipe. Beautiful bread.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Thank you so much!

  45. Worked well, just watch the flour not to much.
    It needed a another few minutes of baking.
    If not using a pan it flattened out quite a bit.

  46. Suzy Sheriff says:

    I am making bread for the first time in over 30 years, and the first time with a mixer. Approximately how long should I let the mixer knead the bread?

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Once you get the right amount of flour added in (this will take awhile), just let the mixer run for a few more minutes. Good luck!

  47. I just made this bread to go with a pot roast in an icy cold day. I used bread flour and mixed by hand. I only needed 5 cups. Instead of mixing salt into the egg white I sprinkled some over the glazed loaves. Came out great! Thank you.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the bread, Angel! Thanks for your feedback!

  48. Jennifer N Cook says:

    Yum! Fun, easy bread. I need to practice shaping, but one recipe made four healthy sized loaves.
    I put two in the freezer for later.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Jennifer! I’m so glad you enjoyed the bread. we love it too!

  49. Well, this is one of the best bread recipes that I’ve ever tried! I cut the recipe in half and I used my bread machine. It was a bit of a challenge in regards to adding flour. I added about a cup more than what the recipe called for. The end result was EXACTLY what I wanted….crispy crust and pillowy interior….Mmmmm! I think I will do it by hand. I don’t like using my mixer to make bread.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      That’s wonderful to hear! Thanks!

  50. Very niceeee…do you think I can do the dough in the bread machine?
    Thx Pat

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      I don’t have a bread machine and so have not tried to make the recipe that way. Please let me know if you give it a try.

  51. Reina Alfonso says:

    I love this recipe first time making it and my bread turned out delicious, my rising time is quite fast in fact the first rise took 45 minutes, the dough was more than doubled, second rise took 40 minutes and third was 1/2 hour, my place is warm no surprise there. I didn’t use salt on top just the egg wash, my husband wanted sesame seeds on top so I did sprinkle some. The taste of this bread is delicious thank you for this perfect recipe!!!!!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Thanks so much for your feedback, Reina! 🙂

  52. Alyssa Carter says:

    This recipe is amazing! This was my first time making it. The key is… add the flour slowly. I added mine 1/4 cup at a time, ended up adding 5 1/2 cups. The dough slowly came together to a beautiful, elastic soft dough. A bit sticky, but with oiled hands it was easy to work with. I love that there is no “kneading” step; the mixer does the work for you! It smells amazing and cooked so much better than previous French bread recipes I have tried. This will be my go to!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Alyssa! Thank you so much for your feedback! I’m so happy you found your go-to recipe. 🙂

  53. THE best & easy bread recipe ever!! Nothing beats Suebees Chewy French bread!!!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Ahhh thank you, Tiffany! I’m so glad you are enjoying it! 🙂

  54. I made this French bread recipe today and it turned out well. Wonderful, chewy crust. I used bread flour and a double loaf bread pan.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Thank you so much for the review, Jane!

  55. I tried three other bread recipes to no avail. I tried this recipe this morning. Cut in half to make rolls. They turned out PERFECT! Thank you so much for sharing. Finally found a recipe that turned out like my grandmother’s rolls.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Judith! I’m so happy you found THE recipe. It’s one of our favorites too!

  56. Ari Elmore says:

    I made this but it turned out more crispy than chewy, it also didn’t get very golden and stayed pretty pale. Do you have an suggestions on how I could improve/fix it next time?

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Is your oven temperature pretty consistent? Sounds like that might be the issue. Maybe try baking it at 425 instead of 400, assuming your oven runs cool.

  57. Justine cho says:

    Best homemade bread recipe.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Thank you Justine!

  58. Absolutely amazing! I made it using two bread pan and it was perfect!!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Jenny. I’m so glad you enjoyed the bread! It’s one of my favs. 🙂

  59. Hi, this looks awesome! So it’s mixed and has risen. Now I punch it down again, then form loaves to rise? Like 2 punch downs and one loaf rise? Just making sure. Thanks!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Susan, You’ll need to let it rise again, and THEN form loaves. Then let them rise and bake. Good luck!

  60. Erika Melissa Da Silva says:

    I made this- and man. I’m never buying grocery store bread again! It’s sooooo delicious, so chewy! And so easy to follow!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Thanks so much Erika! I’m so glad you enjoyed the bread!

  61. First time making bread- how long do we mix it in the stand mixer? Mine is super sticky and I’ve already added all of the flour…help!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      If your dough is still too sticky, add more flour very slowly. You may have added too much liquid, but I can’t be sure.

      1. vivienne vasquez-mills says:

        I’ve baked bread several times before without problems except it was a lot thicker than I liked. I tried your recipe but it was a bust. The dough was a lot stickier than shown in your video, and maybe that’s what I did wrong. I have a Kitchen Aid mixer and thought I followed the directions to a tee including adding 6 cups of flour. Oh, it is rather cold and damp these days. Maybe that was it.

        1. Suebee Homemaker says:

          If you read my tips and tricks on the blog, you’ll see that you need to add the flour slowly. Don’t use 6 cups of flour unless the dough needs it – you may need closer to 5 cups. Add the last bit in slowly, and test the dough for stickiness along the way. I’m guessing that the problem was that you didn’t need all six cups of flour.

  62. Baking this French bread for second time. This time I have the wave bread pan which arrived today. About to put in the oven for supper tonight. Boeuf bourguignon will be its accompaniment.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Sounds like a fantastic dinner, Marty! So glad you are enjoying the bread. 🙂

  63. Hi! This bread is amazing! I’ve made is many times. I want to make the dough today and bake it tomorrow. At what point do I put the dough in the refrigerator?

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      I’d put the dough in the refrigerator after you punch it down the second time. Cover it with some cling wrap, and then take it out the next day a couple of hours before you want to bake it. Good luck Lauren!

      1. How long do you raise this dough the second time?

        1. Suebee Homemaker says:

          It depends on many factors, including your climate, the temperature of your home, etc. But go with the size – let it double in size.

  64. Can’t wait to try this again. My first attempt was too sticky, but I was afraid to add too much flour. Cold rainy day. My loaves were ugly because they flattened out too much and weren’t smooth. But, boy, did they taste great! My family gobbled them up. Next time I’ll improve.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Georgia! The more you make them, the better you’ll get at determining the right amount of flour. So glad you enjoyed the bread, and thanks for your feedback!

  65. Can this be used with rapid rise yeast instead? If so, how much should I used and in which step would I add it? I’m a newbie to bread making 🙂

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Jenny. You can use rapid rise yeast, but will need slightly less (about 25% less). As far as the process, you don’t need to activate it as it’s already to go as it is. So I think I would just use the same steps as listed, but there is no need to wait for the yeast to bubble up. Just proceed with adding the other ingredients. Good luck, and please let me know how it turns out for you!

  66. I made this and it was SO good. Best bread recipe we have ever made.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Thank you Michael! I really appreciate your feedback, and am so glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  67. Can I use bread flour instead of all-purpose? If so, how drastically will the texture change?

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Ava. I’ve never tried bread flour, but I think it will work well. The texture will most likely be even chewier. Let me know how it goes!

  68. Kris Lueck says:

    Turned out great!!! It was as tasty as it was gorgeous!!! My husband told he this was my BEST bread-making success to date!!! ?

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Kris! I’m so glad that you enjoyed the bread so much. It’s one of our favorites too! 🙂

  69. I wanted to bake bread for the first time. I chose this recipe to start with and it turned out great!!!!
    My family gave it 5 stars.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      That’s great news, Tanell! I’m so glad you are now a bread baker! 🙂

  70. Bonnie J Few says:

    Is it possible to make the dough in bulk or advance and refrigerate or freeze for future use?! New to baking! My mother in law does this with pie dough.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Bonnie. You can place the dough in the refrigerator for a day or so to stall it. I’ve never actually frozen the dough though. You can definitely bake the bread and freeze it afterward, however. Good luck to you!

  71. rebecca schmorr says:

    -i made this two days ago and both loaves were GONE in 24 hours. my kids say it’s the best bread i’ve ever baked and admonished me to not lose the recipe 🙂
    -making another batch today. thanks so much!
    ps i did use bread flour (king arthur) bc i had it but otherwise followed instructions exactly

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Rebecca! I’m so happy your kids loved the bread! Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

  72. Queentangy says:

    Very nice and chewy

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate your feedback. 🙂

  73. Nicolette says:

    Amazing!! Going into my permanent collection. You’ll never need to buy grocery store French bread again! Thanks for sharing it with us!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      That is wonderful news, Nicolette! I’m so happy you enjoyed the French bread! 🙂

  74. Hi Sue! I stumbled upon your recipe and am excited to try it soon! We are going to follow this one to a T, but I have a high gluten flour I’m wanting to experiment with. Would it be wise to substitute the whole 4 cups with this flour or a 1/2 and 1/2 ratio? Baking breads are completely new to me, but we are looking for a crusty bread/roll that will be perfect for steak hoagies or something we can easily rip off and dunk in some yummy oil. We are looking forward to trying a ton more of your recipes!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Sherry, I would definitely start with a 50/50 ratio to see if that works first. Then you could alter it more the next time. Good luck and please let me know how it turns out! 🙂

    2. What if you don’t have a stand mixer?

      1. Suebee Homemaker says:

        Hi Stacey. You CAN make this recipe by hand. I haven’t done this, but here is what I’d do. Combine the yeast, sugar, and warm water in a small bowl, and stir. Let it sit to activate. Place about half of the flour and the salt in another larger bowl. When yeast is activated, pour it into the bowl with the flour, and use a spoon to stir to combine. Then add more flour gradually. You will have to eventually dump the mixture onto your countertop (that is prepared with a dusting of flour). Then start using your hands to kneed the dough, adding more flour until you have a nice consistency. The dough should be slightly sticky, but easy to handle. I really hope that helps! Please don’t hesitate to reach out for more help. You can also email me at sue@suebeehomemaker.com. I’m happy to assist you!

  75. cassandra l. Salmons says:

    This is my go to recipe. Turns out perfect Everytime. I have probably made this 20+ times.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Cassandra. I’m so glad you are enjoying this French bread recipe. Turns out beautifully every time! 🙂

  76. You don’t need the big fancy mixer I did it in a bowl by hand and worked out beautifully

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Very true. You can always make bread by hand. I use the Bosch, because that’s what my mom used and this is her recipe.

      1. I don’t have the special bread loaf pan. What can I use as an alternative?

        1. Suebee Homemaker says:

          You can use a regular sheet pan but may need to use two so the loaves don’t bake into the other.

  77. I’m not an excellent baker and haven’t made fresh bread for over 25 years. But this was such a great recipe that even I was able to succeed at it! I used quick rise yeast, and per my daughter’s request, added cheese in the center of small rolls. Yummy… So delicious! Thank you!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Hanh! I’m so glad you enjoyed the bread. It’s a perfect one for beginner bakers! Thanks for your feedback. 🙂

  78. How long do you kneed the dough? I’m wining it this time but if you could give an approximate that would be awesome!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Diana. You should knead the dough until the flour is completely absorbed and the dough starts to form a ball (if using a mixer). If using a mixer, it should only take 15-20 minutes. If doing it by hand, I’m not sure. Go by feel instead.

  79. I don’t have enough words to say how AMAZING this recipe is. So perfect. I’m not a great baker by any means and these loafs turned out incredible. Adding this recipe to my cookbooks. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Katie! Thank you so much for letting me know that you enjoyed the bread. I really appreciate it! 🙂

  80. Lori Roskam says:

    Super easy and delicious ?

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Lori! Thanks so much. I’m glad you tried the bread, and I appreciate your feedback! 🙂

  81. Magpie006 says:

    Great recipe! I followed the directions to a T and they came out wonderfully. I gave this to my fiancee and even he could make this for me at a later date. Garlic bread here we come!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Yay! I’m so glad you enjoyed the bread. You can use it for so many things!

  82. I’m pretty much the worst at making bread, and I’ve tried so, so many times. It has always come out bitter and yeasty, or tough, or dense, or bland, so I’m THRILLED to say this recipe came out perfectly. The flavor is awesome, the crumb is soft and pillowy, and the crust is perfectly thin and golden and just the right level of crispy and chewy.

    Thank you so much for sharing your recipe! I no longer feel like a dough dunce.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Oh thank you, Sulota! This is a special recipe for me, passed on to me from my dear mother. I’m so happy that you enjoyed it! 🙂

  83. Tayla List says:

    Can you use instant dry yeast? If so you you still use the sugar and warm water and let sit???

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      You can use instant dry yeast, but there is no need to let it sit in warm water to proof. Hope that helps!

  84. This turned out beautiful!!! I did forget the egg wash lol but still was amazing.. I am definitely keeping this recipe. I have used a lot of different ones the last year, and this is a keeper. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Cassi! I’m so glad you enjoyed the bread recipe! It’s a favorite of mine too. ?

  85. The perfect, moist yet firm bread recipe I was searching for!

    Before forming the loaves I added fresh parsley, parmesean and garlic with salt to the mix and then let them rise before putting them in the oven. It was amazing.

    Thank you!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      That sounds truly amazing, Kat! Thanks so much for sharing! ?

  86. Recipe works good. Used 2 cups of whole wheat flour. Is that why it might’ve come out heavier

    Not a lot a holes

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      I’m so glad you liked it, Rob! Using whole wheat flour may definitely weigh the bread down more.

  87. Patricia Thomson says:

    This is a DREAM COME TRUE recipe for me…I thank you a thousand times! I am blessed to have found it…and YOU! and it is the most delicious French bread my whole family has tasted!
    There’s a whole story behind my comments, but for now, know that I consider this recipe a treasure. I’m hooked!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Thank you SO much Patricia! Your sweet review just made my day. Would love to hear more about your story, when you have time. 🙂

  88. Linda D Standow says:

    This bread was REALLY good! I made it exactly as written, and turned it into small loaves and biscuit size bread. It did not last! Yum!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Thank you so much Linda! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  89. Oh. My. Gosh. I love baking bread and this is one of the best that I’ve made it a long time. I wish I would’ve made two batches because just out of the oven and a loaf is already gone between using it for toasted sandwiches, sliced and drizzled with olive oil and broiled for dipping for French onion soup. This is going to be a stand by. Thank you for sharing. YUM!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Rachel! I’m SO glad you enjoyed my recipe! Thanks for your sweet feedback. 🙂

  90. Will LEWIS says:

    May I call you Sue? This is a wonderful recipe. Worked perfect the first time! I have been looking for sometime bless you for being secure and confident enough to share. You are blessed so is your happy family. ThAnks so much. Will

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Will! Yes, please call me Sue. 🙂 Thanks for your sweet comments, and I’m so happy that you enjoyed my recipe! 🙂

  91. Sue’s bread is amazing and I love this recipe. Pretty cool that it has stayed in the family and now shared with everyone. To me, homemade bread is special and I love to have it will special family gatherings. I must admit that I am spoiled and will now only eat bread from a recipe from Sue! Hard to believe, but the bread freezes awesome so take advantage of that. Obviously, it takes time to make bread so using your freezer is a great way to make it last longer.

  92. Jann Elaine says:

    Made this last night. It turned out beautifully, however, as not all of us use fancy kitchen appliances I was rather aghast when there was no amount of kneading (by hand) time required. Fortunately I just used the window-pane test, but I think the recipe would be much improved if some info of this sort was added. Thanks!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      If you use a mixer (it’s not necessary to use a Bosch), you don’t have to kneed this recipe by hand. I’m a self-taught cook, and this is my sweet mom’s recipe (who used her beloved mixer all the time). I’m glad it turned out for you anyway, Jann!

  93. Louise Nelson says:

    This chewy french bread recipe was awesome! It was easy to follow and make. We loved it. Its a keeper.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Glad you enjoyed it Louise! Thanks so much for your feedback. 🙂

  94. Can i please use my kitchen aid artisan stand mixer with the dough hook attachment
    to make this Chewy French bread recipe. since i received it as a present this past Christmas
    i really want to use it to make homemade bread also. no other type of bread recipe will do
    it has to be made in my kitchen aid artisan stand mixer using the dough hook attachment.
    please let me know really soon. i am writing all of my recipes off of pinterest .
    i have already deleted one because it did not offer in the bloggers directions anything about using a stand mixer with a dough hook attachment.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      You most definitely can use your KitchenAid mixer! Good luck!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      You’ll use oil to grease the bowl, and on your hands to punch the bread down. That’s all. I hope you try it, Patricia!

  95. Dad from Iowa says:

    Very nice result! I have to admit that I have a tried and true recipe for white bread and was very reluctant to try this. I was looking for something more chewy, yet crunchier as well. This was it! I made 6 small loaves and the family loved it. This recipe has already replaced my go-to. Your “qualifiers and disclaimers” section was very convincing lol.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hello, and I’m so glad you enjoyed my French bread recipe! My mom made it best, but I’m happy to share it with you. 🙂

  96. If you make dinner size rolls with the dough do you still bake it for 24 minutes or is it less time?

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      It depends on your oven and the pans you use. Bake it until the tops are nice and golden – and the bottoms should be slightly browned. I hope that helps, Julie!

  97. Emilio Barrios says:

    Hello Sue I am from Guatemala in Central America and did it with fresh yeast, results where amazing, and now the only problem is that my family wants bread every week.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Emilio!! Thank you for your feedback, and I’m glad you and your family enjoyed it so much! 🙂

  98. terrel bourgeois says:

    When you say “let it rise again”, you do not say for how long.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Terrel! You should let it rise again until it almost doubles in size. As to for how long, it just depends on many factors. For me, in Texas, it’s usually about 30-45 minutes. But our weather is normally warm and more humid – and that makes it rise faster. Good luck!

  99. Nina Naira says:

    Very delicious recipe. This is my favorite dish. I make it mostly for breakfast. When I prepared this recipe I used dry yeast mixed into my ingredients, this makes it more delicious and tasty.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      I’m glad you like it Nina! Enjoy! 🙂

  100. I’m getting ready to make a double batch of this bread.
    It turned out beautifully the first time and yes it freezes well.
    It’s been very to have a loaf with dinner whenever we want.
    Very tasty:)

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Lisa!! I’m so happy that you are enjoying the french bread. I need to make it again as well!! Thanks for your sweet comments. 🙂

  101. I love this bread so much! I made it last month and I’m making it again today. It’s so perfect with soup or toasted with eggs or just buttered. Tonight I’m serving it with turkey meatloaf and whipped sweet potatoes. I believe sugar helps yeast to rise, I use it in all my breads. This recipe is absolutely perfect!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Thank you for your sweet comments, Crissy! I’m so glad you are enjoying it. It’s one of my favorites too!

  102. Heather M. Last Whipple says:

    why sugar. I do not think this is supposed to be a sweet bread. so do I absolutely have to add sugar to this? these look good but can I just omit / leave out the sugar entirely? please let me know

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Heather. This is my mom’s recipe and she used sugar. It is a very tiny amount and WILL make a difference in the taste. The sugar helps to activate the yeast and makes it chewy, so it is necessary in this recipe.

      1. The sugar is what helps get the yeast working

  103. Thank you for the detailed instructions it made this easier…loved it thank you and your sweet mom

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      I’m so glad, Mary!! Enjoy the bread!! 🙂

  104. Mary Lynn says:

    Great recipe and directions. I made this today as my first ever attempt at making bread, and it turned out wonderfully. I will be making this again.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Oh great! So glad you enjoyed it!! 🙂

  105. Sue (Kollasch) Jenkins says:

    Trying this today using my new Chicago Metallic Bread Pan that I ordered using your link! I’m not necessarily the best baker and would love to see some photos to see what your dough looks like at each step if you would be so kind. Thanks Sue!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      I’m actually in Iowa but will gladly start showing more details in my upcoming recipes!! Good luck and just fb message me if u have any questions Sue!! ?

      1. I know this is old but “Go Iowa” lol. I live in IA. I am trying out your recipe tonight with whole wheat pastry flour and I’m letting it rise once. I split the recipe in half, and then I split the dough into 8 equalish portions and put them into one of those mini loaf pan pans (8 rectangles). I’m trying to make a copycat recipe of the party sized bread that Pepperidge farm sells, except a more neutral flavor, and without oil for school lunches. Jewish rye doesnt pair well with PB &J LOL. I hope it will slice well. I have never been able to find a bread recipe that doesn’t fall apart when I am slicing it. Thanks for the recipe, I will let you know if it turns out!

        1. Suebee Homemaker says:

          Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to hear about the results!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Oh thank you Joshie! 🙂

      1. Started making bread fairly recently. This bread is the easies and the best tasting. Pretty much all I make now 🙂
        Love your sons coment LOL

        1. Suebee Homemaker says:

          Hi Joe! I’m so glad you enjoyed the French bread! And I’m impressed that you made it all the way down to my son’s comment. 🙂

          1. Breanna Simmons says:

            Turned out awesome! Split to make 12 mini loaves. Perfect size for each person to dip in soup.

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