Happening Lately – August 2018

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Hey! It’s just me, giving you an update on what’s happening lately. So much, and so many feelings!


Mike was exhausted after running Grandma's Marathon!
The three brothers celebrated after finishing Grandma's Marathon.

p r o u d

This guy. He ran his 2nd marathon in June. The same one (Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN) 20 years apart, and get this. He slashed 20 MINUTES off of his time, running this year’s marathon in 3:34, ALMOST qualifying for Boston. Is it possible to age backwards? For real? Maybe a second Benjamin Button in the works here.

Oh, and it gets better. Both of his brothers ran it too! Afterward, the three amigos dipped their toes in CHILLY Lake Superior and posed for a few pics. Then the three of them hobbled, limped, and almost crawled to the hotel.

I know what you’re thinking. Did they cross the finish line arm in arm?

No. They did not. But they ALL finished. And they all drank beer afterwards. Mug to mug. 🙂


Josh and Tiff are headed into their senior at TTU.

n o s t a l g i c

Here they are. All grown up.

Josh and Tiffany are back at TTU for their senior year. Yes, college – not high school. EEP. Did I miss something here? Because the last three years are a blur to me.

Josh is actually graduating in December, a semester early, and then Tiffany will graduate in May. So they will be “long-distance dating”, which might be tough on these two kids millennials.

I know that BIG things are in store for Josh and Tiff.


Zach is off to UTSA to begin college.

e m o t i o n a l

Send help! My baby is about to start college.

ALL the emotions lately, and more. My eyes are leaking.

We dropped this kid off at UTSA on Saturday, and the empty nest is now feeling VERY…empty. I know Zach will do great, especially without momma bird hovering, reminding, waking, reminding, and hovering. Repeat.


My foot continues to give me grief, as I struggle to heal from plantar fasciitis.

f r u s t r a t e d

I’m not gonna lie. The past nine months have been THE HARDEST. Chronic pain is no joke.

Some of you might have read my foot story back in February.

A quick update.

  • My foot doc sent me to a pain doc. (I had a PRP – platelet rich plasma – injection in my left foot, and it still hasn’t healed.)
  • Pain doc sent me to PT. (Starts this week, oh joy.)
  • Repeat MRI scheduled for late Sept.

Thank God for my family and friends, for my new love/hate relationship with swimming, my sweet puppy, Kroger Click-List, athletic tape, my knee scooter, my kitchen roll-y chair, and the BLOG.

Oh, and books.

And WINE, margs, and mules. 🙂


Andra gives our future island countertop the once over.

e x c i t e d

What??!! A FIXER-UPPER at MY house??

YES. We’re gutting the kitchen and family room, and starting over. We’ve been working with a designer this summer to create a brand spanking new kitchen, and a family room with zero wainscoating. Halleluia! I’m over the moon about it, and I can’t wait to show ya’ll what we’re doing.

It’s gonna be so great. Minus the three months of living in construction dust with no kitchen.

If ya’ll would like to invite us over for dinner sometime, we’re free Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, starting September 4 through mid to late November! 🙂

BTW, the slab above will be our kitchen island. Andra (our designer) gave it the once over, and I gave it a big thumbs up!

My Pinterest Board is called “Dream Kitchen”, for those who want to follow it, amidst my many many many food boards. But hey. What good is a Dream Kitchen without food inspo?

P.S. I’ll be documenting the remodel on my Instagram Stories, if you’d like to follow along. Get ready for a HUGE mess.


Honey Roasted Nuts are a simple mixture of nuts, honey, a few spices, and a little bit of sugar. Just 15 minutes in the oven, and serve them warm or cold! | suebeehomemaker.com

h u n g r y

People often ask me why I’m not a larger person, because all I do is cook. For real!

I tend to cook pretty healthy overall. Balance is key to me, so I do splurge every once in a while with a cookie or a cupcake. I eat chocolate nearly every day (these!) and can’t resist the scones that I bake. They are my absolute fav.

The honey roasted nuts above are sort of addicting, and I’ve made a few batches lately. Stay tuned for the recipe this fall!

Did I tell you how much I LOVE blogging? 🙂


Strawberry Moscow Mules are the perfect summer cocktail!

t h i r s t y

I love me some pretty cocktails. Ok, taste is important too!

This one is actually my Strawberry Mexican Mule, but in a glass instead of a mug. I love creating new cocktails. Drinking them is bonus, especially if I have a fellow tester. That’s why most of my recipes are for TWO, not one.


Aaron and Sally are newly married, and super sweet people!
We traveled to Colorado for Aaron and Sally's wedding.
My five siblings and I were all at the wedding.
Mike and I hit the bike trails from Broomfield to Boulder and back again, covering 26 miles.
Mike and I rode the Dirty Bismark Trails close to my sister's house. Really hard!

r e m i n i s c e n t

We just returned from a week in Colorado. My sweet nephew married his lovely lady in a beautiful outdoor wedding, and most of my family congregated. Pictured above is:

  • Aaron and Sally, the sweetest newly married couple!
  • The four of us, plus Zach’s girlfriend, Kirsten. Josh’s girlfriend (Tiffany) wasn’t able to make it this time.
  • Me and my siblings, in order of age (or wisdom?). It was so nice to see everyone, and my sister, Jackie, is the BEST hostess!

While Josh golfed, and Zach and Kirsten hiked and checked out the Boulder scene, Mike and I stuck to our usual. Lots of coffee and lots of biking.

We biked on two different mornings, and burned some serious calories both times (AND my foot held up both times). However, they were FAR different rides.

  1. The first ride was on rental bikes from the hotel. We pedaled from Broomfield to Pearl Street in Boulder, a round trip of 26 miles. The trickiest part was the uphill climb on the trail next to I36. It took forever, and if it wasn’t for my SuperMan who literally pushed me up the hill (with his hand on my back), I might still be on the side of the road. The elevation was definitely a factor for me, and I sounded like a freight train.
  2. The second ride was on my sister and bro-in-law’s mountain bikes. We hit the Dirty Bismark Trail that began in back of their house, and after 15 miles (over two hours) and bunch of swear words (and a few tears) by yours truly, we made it. Parts of the trails were full of LARGE rocks, and probably a bit higher level than this old body can take. Mike took them like a champ. Go figure!

We love Colorado, and we’ll definitely be back!


Our 29th wedding anniversary!

l o v e d

We always get back here, don’t we? The guy who does it all.

I’ve had some rough foot days lately, and he’s always there with a hug and a shoulder rub. This picture was taken on our 29th wedding anniversary, and he planned a sweet night out for us.

So thankful for him.


  1. Jackie Thill says:

    So, you are invited to our house for dinner any night you are free!! 🙂
    Very sweet post Sue. You always entertain, and sometimes make me cry. Love your blog!!
    And Mike, seriously, the bike rides were the best part of your vacation in Colorado?? Hmmm…

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Hi Jackie! We’re coming over for dinner tonight! 🙂

  2. That is a lot of emotion! ❤️ Thanks for sharing and the bike rides were the best part of our vacation!

  3. I just read through every last word of this and it has inspired me to re-start my Happiness Report blog posts. I did them for years and years then got away from them. Reading your post made me so happy that you are documenting your life this way.

    Lots of changes at your house. Hugs to you re: the empty nest…I’m so not excited about that day. Also, your Pinterest Kitchen board? SWOON! Can’t wait to follow along!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Awww, thank you Kristen! I enjoy doing them as well. Yes, the empty nest is pretty real right now. Thanks for checking everything out, and stay tuned for our upcoming remodel! 🙂

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