Our Sky Diving Adventure!

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Mike and I enjoyed two weeks of R&R in Oahu in December of 2023/January of 2024. One of the highlights of our trip was our sky diving adventure on Mike’s birthday!

Our Sky Diving Experience

Can you believe we jumped out of an airplane? When I say it out loud, it doesn’t even seem real. But it was 100% real. So in order to remember what it felt like, I decided to document it here and maybe entice y’all to give it a try! (Also, our daughter-in-law, Tiffany, asked us to journal our experience right after we jumped.)

So here is another LOVE Story. It’s been too long!

A little back story. We’ve stayed at the same airbnb in Molokai (on the northwest side of Oahu) three times now. It’s a hop-skip-and-a-jump from Dillingham Airfield and so each time we visit, we marvel at the jumpers that literally float over our heads each day as we sit on the beach.

In the past when we saw the jumpers, we’d say “let’s go jump”. But we didn’t. Until now.

So when planning our last trip to Oahu, Mike booked it ahead of time. We had a couple of months to think about it and I admit, I secretly was thinking maybe I shouldn’t do it for one reason or another. But I wouldn’t let myself cave.

The Day of The Jump

Our check-in time for our jump was at 7am on December 30, 2023. It was Mike’s birthday and we were up at the crack of dawn because we were still on Dallas time.

When we arrived at Go Jump Hawaii, we signed in and checked off all the boxes for assuming responsibility. Admittedly, I didn’t read anything. It was go time and there was no turning back.

Mike and I were assigned to a group of jumpers and tandem partners. We were pretty amazed to find out that a fellow jumper shared Mike’s birthday, but 33 years older. He was a 90-year-old veteran and hadn’t jumped in over 50 years. He had a huge support system there including his cute little wife who was snapping tons of photos of the whole group.

Mike and I met our tandem partners, Jake and Aaron, where we did a quick intro and tried to keep it cool. They were NOT going to see me shaking! I was pretty surprised that there was very little instruction (which was probably a good thing) other than “I’ll strap you on me when we get up in the air”. Okaaayyy!

Go Time

My tandem partner and I were the first ones on the small plane since we would be the last to jump. We actually sat right beside the pilot (everyone faced backwards straddled on two benches) which was a pretty cool experience. Mike and his tandem guide were a few spots in front of us since he had a special photographer that would be jumping alongside him. Aren’t his photos amazing?

The plane was small. We actually couldn’t stand up straight inside and it was a packed house – one pilot and probably 18 other people, including tandems.

As we flew through the clouds, it was a surreal feeling watching the coast disappear below us. I quietly mentioned to my guide, “my life is in your hands” as he began clipping himself to me. Let’s just say that we were attached at the hip!

Everyone was quiet as we pondered what was about to happen. I felt a sense of calm as we reached 14,000 feet. But then the door opened in the back of the plane and a few nerves set in! Individual groups inched toward the open door and one-by-one dove out of the plane. We were up next.

What Sky Diving Felt Like

The first seconds out of the plane literally took my breath away for a second or two. We were free falling at 150 miles an hour through the sky. I thought, “holy sh*t! The dive felt like it lasted 10 minutes as we plummeted toward land, even though it was probably only one minute plus a few minutes of easy floating.

You can see the force of the drop by looking at my distorted face. The wind force was flapping my cheeks all over the place and you can tell that I’ve never had botox, LOL. Next time (if there is one), I’m going to get the special photographer (like Mike had) instead of the selfie stick! Cuz I look wacky!

As we neared the fluffy clouds, my guide pulled the Shute and our bodies jerked upward. What a relief to see the large parachute above us, keeping us safe in the sky. We floated over the area where we stayed and it was a cool feeling to have jumped after watching so many people do it during our time there.

What I’d do next time: Tie my ponytail and my shoelaces tighter (EVERYTHING came undone!), open my mouth in the air (to maybe avoid the severe lines haha), and put my feet down when landing (to avoid the tandem guide falling on me). LOL!

I love looking at the amazing photos of Mike jumping. He has a HUGE fear of heights and he was whooping it up by the looks on his face. That’s a man enjoying his birthday! Also, note his guide in flip flops. He was definitely defeating the odds!

Would we do it again? I’m going to say YES. It was an amazing, invigorating experience and I’m glad Mike and I were able to experience it together. Hang Loose!

A Few Words from Mike:

As Sue mentioned, I am desperately afraid of heights, but I challenge myself to not live in fear and to seek adventure during our travels.  Let’s face it, a career in Supply Chain does not have these moments! With each trip, I explore a thrill-seeking adventure for us and this time it was sky diving. Let me say, it did not disappoint, and that first step is a big one! 
Over the last few years, we have hiked with steep overhangs, swam with sharks, and my oldest son and I kayaked 17 miles off the Napali Coast. I am sure that I still hold the record for tipping! 
Our 35th Anniversary is in June, and we are headed to Ireland. Feel free to offer suggestions on what we should tackle next!  


  1. What an adventure for you two to share together! Love the story and the photos. ❤️ Happy to hear you both landed in your feet once again. Send some courage my way so I can do this someday. 😎

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      You can do it!!

  2. What an adventure, Sue and Mike! You make me wonder…🪂 Could I have your courage….?

  3. Thanks for doing life with me! A day I won’t forget!

  4. Crazy kids!! Glad y’all took the time to write down your thoughts so your grandkids can read all about it one day – coolest grandparents ever!!

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      Haha, thanks Tiff!

  5. damn sue that ass looks even better in the sky!!

  6. I love your distorted face!! 🙂 This is so fun to read, almost like being there but not having to actually jump out of a plane.

    1. Suebee Homemaker says:

      LOL! Thanks Shari!

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